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Rhenus Automotive References

Reference steel magazine

Automotive producers procure steel and aluminum along a complex supply chain in huge batch sizes from suppliers worldwide. The result is long delivery time and various uncertainties along the value chain (production, processing, transportation, warehousing). The press shops, on the other hand, require high supply security, small batches close to the plant and the flexibility to manage production fluctuation.

Rhenus Automotive connects the needs of steel producers and customers through our steel magazines. Our six steel magazines are capable of receiving huge amounts of steel and aluminum via truck, rail or water.  We store metals in ideal conditions, and deliver the desired quantity with short delivery time right to our customers. Thereby we are able to lower logistics and storage costs for steel and aluminum products and enable short lead time material call-offs.

Our customers benefit, not only from close inventory proximity, but also from complete transparency of inventories, deliveries and warehouse capacities via our web-based Rhenus Automotive steel portal. Due to our quality checks customers can rely on high supply security and, in case of deviations, benefit from our complaint handling competence through our local experts.

  • Huge batch sizes in procurement, individual call-off close to the point-of-use
  • Optimized transport and warehouse costs
  • High delivery security and flexibility in supply

Reference assembly of power train module in Cologne

The Ford-Werke GmbH is a German automotive company with headquarters in Cologne. The company employs more than 24.000 employees in Cologne and Saarlouis. Since its foundation in 1925 more than 40 million vehicles were produced.

Our locations are located in the immediate proximity of the Ford plants.  Delivery to our customer occurs just-in-sequence with a lead time of 120 minutes. On our production line we assemble the complete powertrain module including engine, transmission, front axle, strut and various further components. The units comprise up to 400 different single parts that are assembled to create 30 different model variants.

The assembly occurs on automated guided vehicles with one-piece flow production. All bolting, scanning and fluid filling processes are controlled and monitored by our own production planning and control system. All production details are stored in our database in accordance with customer specifications.

At the end of the assembly line we verify attributes using, for example, vision systems. Thereby, we guarantee highest quality and transparency to our customer. After the final clearance of the module it will be delivered just in time and sequence to our customer’s point-of-use via an automated conveyor system.

  • Just-in-time and in-sequence assembly and delivery
  • High flexibility of variants – any variant in any sequence
  • Efficient assembly due to process know how and continuous improvement

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