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Sustainability Standards

Sustainability standards for subcontractors/suppliers deployed by Rhenus AG & Co. KG, Automotive Division, and its subsidiaries in the automotive sector

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Rhenus Automotive plus its affiliated companies and plants is a 100% subsidiary of Rhenus AG & Co. KG and specialises in meeting the needs of the automotive industry and its suppliers.

Automotive –transport logistics on four wheels
The innovation cycles in the automotive industry are steadily decreasing, while end customer demands are increasing at the same time. Logistics for vehicle manufacturers are considered exemplary due to their efficiency. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers and logistics providers work hand in hand in vehicle production.

From just-in-time to area forwarding
In the automotive sector Rhenus Automotive provides the very latest transport solutions. In Europe by road, rail and intercontinentally by air and sea freight we have all the expertise of a specialist operator. From large-scale procurement projects or just-in-time delivery to the assembly line to area forwarding. From production control or preassembly to empty container management. With this experience we are partners in every requirement the industry imposes on automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

On time at the assembly line
Our production support also includes plant logistics of course. Rhenus Automotive is involved in warehouse management, in supplying assembly lines or managing empty containers used for installed vehicle components. With IT interfaces procedures can be optimised.

Rhenus Automotive tackles these challenges and offers its customers premium solutions that are based on standardised tools and implemented in acustomised form. Whether it is the entire supply chain or a particular section of it, the main focus of attention is that Rhenus Automotive is always the right company to contact.

Find out more about Rhenus AG & Co. KG online at www.rhenus.com.


The current standards define the requirements for all suppliers of Rhenus Automotive as well as its subsidiaries in terms of human rights and employment standards, business ethics and environmental protection. The standards apply to subcontractors, service providers and suppliers. All companies are required to disclose the contents of this document to their suppliers, to obligate them accordingly and to verify their compliance with the sustainability requirements.

In addition Rhenus Automotive expects its business associates to comply with all the applicable rules and laws. The same conditions apply to Rhenus Automotive in its own business operations.

The corporate compliance brochure shows the principles in terms of legal and regulatory compliant conduct to be observed within the corporate group. Rhenus Automotive is unreservedly committed to these principles. The brochure can be accessed online at any time at:

Sustainability standards and environmental guidelines of the Rhenus Group can be found online at: http://www.rhenus.com/about-us/company/about-ourselves/sustainability.html

The corporate guidelines can be found at:

Employment standards

Adherence to human rights
Internationnally recognised human rights are respected and compliance with them encouraged. In all business activities suppliers should work to ensure that they themselves, their business associates and service providers do not commit or be involved in any human rights violations.

Freely chosen employment
Forced or compulsory labour is prohibited. Employees must always have the freedom to terminate their employment relationship in accordance with their employment contract or legal provisions.

Outlawing of child labour
At no stage of providing service may child labour be used. Suppliers are required to comply at least with the ILO conventions on the minimum age for engaging in employment and the prohibition of child labour.

Equality of opportunity/prohibition of discrimination
Equality of opportunity in employment is to be maintained and no discriminatory practices are allowed. There shall be no discrimination of employees on the basis of ethnic origin, skin colour, nationality, religion, ideology, gender, age, disability, illnes or pregnancy.

Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
Assurance is provided that employees can communicate openly with the management about their working conditions without fear of being penalised. Freedom of association and the recognition of the right to collective freedom are respected.

Fairness in wages, working hours and benefits
Compensation and benefits must comply with the basic principles in relation to statutory minimum wages, current overtime regulations and statutory benefits. Working hours and non-working hours must at least comply with the applicable laws.

Occupational health and safety
Health and safety at work are to be ensured at least within the context of the applicable national regulations. Support is provided to continuously develop improvements in the working environment.

Environmental portection

Actively dealing with environmental challenges
A commitment to deal with environmental problems based on the precautionary principle. Environmental fundamental elements.

Avoidance of damage to the environment and health
At all stages of service delivery optimum environmental protection must be ensured. This includes a proactive approach to avoid or minimise the consequences of accidents that may have a negative impact on the environment.

Waste and recycling
Unnecessary waste shall be avoided and should be recycled if possible.
Energy shall be used selectively and sparingly.
Technical and organisational measures shall be used to minimise the occurrence of residual materials, wast, pollutant emission and waste water.

Business ethics / compliance

Commitment to fairness in competition – no prohibited cartel agreements
A commitment to a market economy without any restriction. Cartel law is an important tool to protect fair and undistorted cometition. Companies mus ensure fair competition and comply with the prohibition of agreements with competitors.

Commitment to integrity in business – no corruption
Corruption will not be tolerated. Companies are required to refain from any form of fraud or breach of trust, insolvency offences, corruption, granting of undue advantages, bribery or dishonesty.

Commitment to separation of corporate and private interests – no conflicts of interest
Suppliers are required when dealing with business associates to take decisions based solely on objective criteria and not be influeced by personal and proprietary financial interests.

Maintenace of business confidentiality
Suppliers are obliged to treat as trade secrets any unpublished commercial and technical details they become aware of through their business relationships.

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